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     I discovered the art of" Decoupage" in early 2023.  A friend had given me a bunch of cleaned oyster shells.  I started with the basic " ring holders" and Christmas ornaments and then took off from there.  I was preparing for a table at the fall Humble Heart Bizarre in Raleigh, not sure how they would sell.  Between that bazaar and an Artists 'market one Sunday morning at Edenton Street UMChurch, almost all of my prolific creations sold, and I even had orders to fill before Christmas.  Here are my OYSTER CREATIONS.  I enjoy "the hunt" for the perfect shell, among huge piles of stinky shells behind a local Oyster Bar.  Cleaning, prepping and decoupaging and hand-painting the shells has really become a passion in my retirement days.

Show 2.jpg
musical angel.jpg
Angel dec 1.jpg
White tree.jpg
hand painted angels.jpg
Musical tree.jpg
Thanksgiving wreath.jpg
Crosses and shells.jpg
Xmas Wreath.jpg
White cross.jpg
Natural Wreath.jpg
turq cross.jpg
pink_green tree 1.jpg
red_green tree.jpg
Pink and Green Funky Tree 2.jpg
Board 1.jpg
HB Humble Heart Bazaar Table.jpg
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